How to get rid of covid-2 wave


Corona has been attacked second time in India with lakhs of cases and thousands of death so far in different states of India. The lack of sufficient oxygen supply has been exacerbated the situation worst. So the best ways to avoid and survive this pandemic situation are the preventive measures.

This is very unfortunate that after 70 years of independence, we failed to assure the necessary medical facilities to our citizens. The hospitals are facing with lack of proper oxygen, medicine, vaccines and other essential things.

So, ultimately, we have only one way to survive this period i.e. adopt preventive measures. Now, the question is, what are those?

We can prevent ourselves from this very lethal corona disease by two ways:

1.     Strengthen your first line of defence or innate immunity

2.     Check the corona entry in your body

Let discuss these one by one

1.     Strengthen your first line of defence or innate immunity:

Add the food items in your diet that boost the innate immunity and simultaneously remove or do not use food items that somehow decline your immunity.

Immune boosting foods and healthy lifestyle:

In this very tough time follow these guidelines:

1.     Follow the organic lifestyle i.e. do not consume the fast foods or other open foods from the market.

2.     Use homemade food cooked in cold pressed or screw pressed conventional cooking oil.

3.     Do not use cold beverages in this time

4.     Add vitamin A and Vitamin D in your diet.

5.     Add green chilli, ginger, onion, clove, black pepper in any form in your diet.

6.     As major problem in this covid 2.o is the difficulty in breathing, so we should use natural bronchodilator along with avoids chilled or cold food products or the foods that may cause respiratory problems depending on individual basis. Drink as much as Luke warm water daily rather than normal ambient temperature water.

Here, I am providing some common Indian herbs with their tremendous healing property in case of breathing problems.



Boil  cumin  seeds  in  water

and inhale the steam



It helps dilate  the  bronchial



1.     Check corona entry in your body:

This is the first priority that we all should maintain our lifestyle to avoid corona exposure. This can be achieved by several ways:

i.                 Try not to visit outside until any emergency situation

ii.               If visit outside, cover your face with mask having pore size less than 0.1 micro meter as the size of corona virus ranges from 0.12 to 0.14 micro meter.

iii.             Wash your hands periodically with soap gently

iv.             Wash your face at least 3 times and clear your nose with tap water at least 3 times.

Corona can enter inside the body through infected hands. So, wash your hands periodically to break this cycle of corona entry.

Do not need to afraid of this situation. Take precautions and preventive measures and keep yourselves very positive.

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